shyamsundar.com is so pleased to have you here.

All the time when I sit to design a website for me I end up with a design that has something left out. I was searching for the best to provide. Here I am, with a new face and sense. My website will feature all that I adore in this unbelievable adventure, mostly known as Life. My faith in the philosophy of sharing has spread wide from love to knowledge, it will be reflected in the site. My passion towards art has driven me to become a human rather an artist. I’m a graphic designer, who knows to script his way through the technology. I’m an ardent photographer too; I invite you to my photo gallery and would like to know what you feel about them.

As this effort has been a long process to settle down, I have a lot in the due course that I can talk about in my blog. Technology blog will feature some tutorials too. Happy stay!